Though we cannot fully endorse the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Arvind Kejriwal as the differentiating and refreshing factor in Indian politics, they deserve a chance, for whatever negatives we have seen in Arvind Kejriwal’s style of functioning and whatever negatives that can surface in the politics of AAP, it will still be a milder version of the deafening levels of rot sweeping the overall political spectrum of the country.

It is true, Arvind Kejriwal gives rise to valid points of doubts after he mishandled the anti-corruption moment of 2011 in 2012; after he failed to effectively (honestly?) raise his voice to protest against the political efforts to bring amendments to the Right to Information Act and the Representation of the People Act. His responses, though criticised the amendment moves, sounded more like routine statements with no soul.

But for the upcoming assembly elections in Delhi, he and his political outfit can be given benefit of doubt when we are selecting and electing similar sub-sets of worn-out politicians, again and again, even if they proudly inhabit the record-sheets of police stations and court rooms and when Kejriwal can claim to have a long record as an activist in his career profile. Also, though he mishandled the 2011 anti-corruption movement later on, it cannot be denied that he could identify and convince Anna Hazare and was the organiser, the architect, in making it a roaring success during its April and August 2011 legs.

Yes, the malaise that plagues the political fraternity in India is a real possibility that can afflict the new entrant in Delhi’s political circle. If it happens, it will be on the expected line of the political history of the post-Independence India. But there is a window of ‘if’ and there is some time before, if it, the plaguing, happens.

And that should prepare the base for the case to give AAP the benefit of doubt.

The singular reason that we can identify, apart from the valid election issues, and that we need to have consensus on is – if his party emerges as the winner in Delhi assembly polls, it would send a message to the political parties and the fraternity, not just in Delhi, but across India, that it is the time for the political elite to have a relook on what they have been forcing us, the voters, the public of this Republic, to accept – a polity and the induced policy, crushed under the acidic flow of corruption and criminalization.

It is not for the electoral promises that the Aam Aadmi Party is making but it is for the prospect of this symbolism, a potent one, for which the Aam Aadmi Party should be voted to power in Delhi.

The political rot in India needs multiple shock treatments and the slap of AAP win in Delhi would echo far and wide.

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The article originally appeared on India Today. Here it is bit modified. As expected, Pakistan ...


  1. Good points, completely agree with you.

  2. Crime Does Not Pay ?

    Here are some disturbing facts :

     In 2008 Delhi Assembly elections , number of “ tainted “ candidates were,

    • Congress …………….. 30 %

    • BJP ………………………. 35 %

    ( Insist on knowing current percentages before 4th December ! )

     Of the sitting MLAs in Delhi ,

    • With criminal antecedents ……………. 43 %

    • Number of Crorepatis …………………….. 69 %

     In 2004 National elections ,

    • Ave assets of contesting candidates …………….. Rs 1.37 Crores

    • Ave assets of victorious candidates ……………….. Rs 3.83 Crores

    • Ave assets of MPs / MLAs facing serious charges.. Rs 4.3 Crores

    ( Will somebody find / publish what are the ave assets of candidates of each party in forthcoming Delhi elections ? )

    Only 2 days back , sitting Congress MP from Haryana advised the youth ,

    “ No problem if you fail to become an engineer or a doctor . Just get into politics . You will manage to make hundreds of crores of rupees “

    Some time back , same MP had said that he knew a person who had set aside Rs 100 Crores to become a Rajya Sabha MP – but managed to become one with mere Rs 80 Crores !

    Obviously , he was talking from an “ Insider’s point of View “ !

    People of Delhi !

    If you wish to prove that “ Crime Does not Pay “ , then on 4th Dec , go out and elect , at least 40 candidates of Aam Aadmi Party

    Before 2014 National elections , make your message heard by 725 million voters of India

    • hemen parekh ( 09 Oct 2013 )

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  4. The post has just penned the voice of Arnab Times. Hope you have watched Mr. Arvind speaking directly. Mr. Arnab Goswami was repeatedly asking the same questions surprisingly in similar manners. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal answered the same in all the ways possible but could not satisfy him. Once it felt me that Arnab being a paid political representative. But if my mind takes the most positive out of it, it would name Arnab as the perfect critics of the modern times; nevertheless I would definitely find other to be good fit for this. Mr. Arvind has just replied to the challenge posed by our political class to enter into politics if he is interested to pass then JanLokpal bill to be enacted as a law. He has firmly clarified that Ideology of Anna Hazary has its own stand and he is not at all interested to disturb it any cost. Again there is no harm in giving a chance to the political transparency shown by AAP.

  5. @badridash: didn’t have the opportunity to see the interview n m not aware of the content. Let’s wait. Only time can tell the gravity of the prospects n the truth of the claims.

  6. A Contrarian View

    Pakistani prime minister , Nawaz Sharif , yesterday suggested that America should get “ involved “ in solving the “ Kashmir Issue “

    Expectedly , Indian politicians are all united ( at least on one issue ! ) in telling USA :

    “ Keep your hands off Kashmir . We don’t need third party intervention to solve , what is essentially , our bilateral problem , as agreed in Shimla Agreement . “

    Except that no politician is willing to admit the harsh ground reality that , after 60 years of LoC skirmishes – and thousands of deaths , India and Pakistan have failed to resolve the issue “ bilaterally “ !

    Late Vasant Sathe was the only politician who had the ( suicidal ? ) courage to say ,

    “ Only practical solution is for both countries to accept LoC as the international border “

    And such a “ practical solution “ can come about only through a third-party mediation , without making either Indian or Pakistani politicians losing face !

    Let us admit :

     Without a peaceful solution of Kashmir Issue , thousands of innocent Indians living close to LoC will continue to die

     Unlike Israel , India cannot engage in “ Hot Pursuit “ of the terrorists into Pak-Occupied Kashmir , without risking an all-out Nuclear war

     Western Nations ( especially USA ) need Pakistan to fight Al Qaeda. Despite endless Indian protestations , billions of dollars worth of American Aid money to improve Pakistan’s economy will continue to fund terrorists in POK

     China is encircling India by establishing strong economic / military presence in Tibet / Nepal / Myanmar / Sri-Lanka / Maldive / Pakistan etc

     Even Russian support to India is waning , as Russian economy gets more and more integrated with EU

    Let us ask ourselves :

    “ Is it right to continue spending billions of rupees in maintaining our military presence in Kashmir , when 400 million BPL Indians don’t get 2 meals a day ?

    How long must 1.6 million Indian children ( below the age of 5 ) continue to die , year after year , due to starvation ?”

    Alas ! Neither Rahul Gandhi nor Narendra Modi would have the moral courage to answer this question !

    In their party’s Poll Manifestos , there will be a deafening silence on this practical solution !

    • hemen parekh ( 20 Oct 2013 )

  7. Congress Poll Manifesto

    Dear Rahul Gandhi

    You have invited suggestions from public for possible incorporation in the Congress Poll Manifesto , if found suitable

    Based on my perception of what would benefit the public most ( in order of importance ) , following is how Congress manifesto should read :

     Corruption

    We will introduce / pass , a of Jan Lok-Pal Bill within 2 months of assuming power at the Center

     Jobs

    We will create 15 million jobs per year , starting from 2015 , especially thru rapid investments in infrastructure projects , which generate millions of jobs. To bring this about , we will introduce special Infrastructure Bonds , whose interest will be tax-free for 25 years.
    No questions will be asked as to the source of funds invested by individuals or by Organizations / Institutions

     Economy

    We will liberalize FDI in Insurance / Retail and all other non-defense related sectors of economy

     Productive Use of Un-Productive Money

    We will create a structure, whereby Private sector and Religious Trusts ( such as Tirupati / Lord Padmanabhan / Shirdi SaiBaba / Satya SaiBaba / Siddhi Vinayak / VaishnoDevi etc ) , will come forward to invest , at least Rs 10 lakh crores per year for the next 5 years. This will be done thru,

    • No-Tax ( for 10 years ) , “ Job Creation “ Bonds , exclusively devoted to creation of Jobs for poor people in less-developed states

    • Enabling investments into these bonds , thru a Voluntary Disclosure Scheme ( VDS ) where no questions will be asked as to the source of the funds. This will bring back Rs 35 lakh crores stashed away unproductively / secretly by Indian nationals and Trusts

    • We will create similar “ Job Creation “ Bonds where subscription will be restricted to,

    # NRIs / PIOs

    # Foreign NGOS / Foreign Charitable Trusts (eg Bill Gates Foundation )

    # Foreign Sovereign Funds ( China / Oil-rich countries etc )

    • We will introduce this measure within 6 months of coming to power

     CBI

    We will make CBI as much independent of the Central Government as possible , by making Chief of CBI report to a panel of retired Judges of the Supreme Court
    CBI will have its own Expense Budget ( as part of the Central Budget ) and will be free to hire additional professionals without needing permission from any Central Ministry

     Electoral Reforms

    We will introduce , within 6 months , a Electoral Reforms Bill in Lok Sabha. This will have provisions for

    • NOTA

    • Right to Recall

    • Negative Vote …………..etc

     Representation of People Act

    We will amend this Act within 6 months of assuming power , by incorporating provisions for

    • Acceptance of donations from abroad

    • Acceptance of ALL donations to political parties only thru cheques

    • Issue of paper receipts for all donations

    • Publishing on party web site ,

    # full details of funding / expenditure / donations etc

    # full details of Assets / Liabilities / Income Tax Returns filed etc of Senior party functionaries ( including those holding Ministerial positions ) – updated annually

    # full details of FIRs / Court-Cases ( whether criminal or civil ) filed against any Senior Party Functionaries ( including Ministers ), with punishments awarded , if any

    # number of Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha meetings attended by its elected representatives

     Right to Information Act

    As interpreted by the CIC ( Chief Information Commissioner ) / confirmed by the Supreme Court and advised by the Attorney General , we will ensure that all political parties are covered by RTI

     Naxal / Maoist Menace

    We will eliminate this menace thru full integration of these Tribal areas into the mainstream of the Social / Political and Economic development.
    We will do this by granting special status to these areas , where industries / businesses / NGOs , will be encouraged to set up Skills Training Institutes , by giving accelerated depreciation benefit for the Capital Expenditure incurred and 150 % write-off on the recurring annual revenue expenditure

     Relations with Pakistan

    Whereas we will encourage constructive dialogue with Pakistan to resolve all outstanding issues , this will be done only after Pakistan dismantles all terror-training camps on its territory , as certified by the Home Minister

    Dear Rahul :

    I am not sure how many citizens will take the trouble to spell out their suggestions like this
    My last suggestion is that you frame a “ Multiple Choice Questionnaire “
    Publish this on as many Media as possible – especially Online Web sites
    Then ask people to record their choices
    A Smart Phone based Mobile App would be great !

    • hemen parekh ( 26 Oct 2013 )

    PS :

    Earlier , I have forwarded somewhat similar suggestions to Shri Murli Manohar Joshi , who is in charge of drawing up Poll Manifesto for BJP

    But then , when it comes to serving the national interest , there ought to be no differences amongst the political parties , as to the goals , even if the means to reach these goals may differ somewhat

  8. A Political Blunder ?

    No , it is worse !

    It is nothing short of stabbing in their backs , 12 million voters of Delhi !

    At some or other time in their political careers , politicians do make a mistake

    But , for Arvind Kejriwal , at this early stage of his career , meeting Maulana Tauqeer Khan and soliciting his support for AAP , is nothing short of a suicidal blunder !

    He can still salvage the future of AAP , by :

    > Publicly owning up his terrible mistake

    > Seeking forgiveness of Delhi voters

    > Promising never again to commit such a gaffe in future

    May be , people of Delhi will still forgive his FIRST mistake

    If he fails to do so , they will realize that there is no difference between AAP and others !

    Both , AAP and Arvind , will get consigned to history’s dust-bin of failed Messiahs !

    Arvind ,

    Your ” Holier – than – Thou ” days are over !

    You have time till today evening !

    * hemen parekh ( 06 Nov 2013 )

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