Obviously in the Indian context!

Is there any limit to the shit being run on GEC TV channels?

Has story-writing become dead as an art for storywriters/screenwriters/dialogue-writers writing for television?

Either the screenwriters of these ‘wisdom-operas’ are so brave that they can write the same stuff again and again – without getting bored and bottlenecked – for same television serial or for some other!

Or they are so naive they cannot think beyond the routine sob-o-conspiracy stuff that makes families look like coming from Mars – with bizarre developments every next moment – and with expected tantrums as the evergreen theme!

Or they are such chauvinists (considering they are all males) that they do not want to think beyond sobbing or robbing women – a kind of gender discrimination and thus exploitation – portraying women in a closet!

The counterpoint – what about female screenwriters, producers, directors and actors?

Or – do they have the wisdom of common sense?

Or – why they so adamantly stuff the viewers with such ‘boredom operas’ so much so that they tend to think that they are contributing to the lucid flow of ‘wisdom operas’ on the entertainment television channels in India?

Or – are they simply dumb to come with innovations and experiments in their writings?

Why it is such an obsession (or fad) with the production houses or the television channels to paint the ordinary Indian family in such a derogatory skew – multiple relations – extramarital affairs – sibling rivalry to extent that a brother kills a brothers, a sister conspires against a sister or relatives cunningly conspire and kill each other?

Whatever that is left is dumped with fillers like grand parties, film songs and lavish events.

An increasing trend these days is the increasing number of superstition-based and supernatural or fantasy television shows that look horribly shabby in the absence of proper story treatment and character development and and are produced with a totally unacceptable regard for the aesthetics.

They work so questionably that they convert even the good storylines into worn-out, bizarre spectacles – like C-grade films or like Ramsay Brothers’ horror movies which make you laugh or a Dracula or Tarzan narrative by some Indian filmmaker!

They simply tell why television is still called the ‘Idiot Box’ – in spite of being the most powerful communication tool in the mainstream media.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey

Featured Image Courtesy: Collage prepared from photographs sourced from Internet

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