I am a communication professional. By profession, my assignment of the moment is in broadcast journalism.

By heart, I am an activist and a social entrepreneur.

I consciously strive to straddle efficiently the qualitative and quantitative aspects of communication with deep insights and innovative approach to take on assignments, be it for the mainstream media, or for the ‘not for profit’ sector, or for consultancy on ‘corporate social responsibility’ or for designing customized projects, both of academic rigour or of socioeconomic propositions.

Creative intellect is the benchmark that pushes me further. There is nothing like free time. When I am not on my professional assignments, I am into writing, scripting, documentary making, photography and my development sector ‘not-for-profit’ initiatives.

I love to read, write and travel. Traveling in thoughts is always the most fulfilling experience.

I love to traverse the diverse and write on whatever clicks me and share a part of that on my blogs.

I live with me while living on with others.


  1. Please minimize the header size of the page,as difficulty is being face while reading..thank you.

  2. nice blog…i write your writings and your views…

  3. I understand n gauged so. 🙂

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